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Jessica Davila: Journey Inside a Luxurious Vancouver Ensuite

As an interior design photographer, I'm constantly seeking captivating spaces that translate beautifully into the visual language of storytelling. Recently, I had the privilege of collaborating with the talented team at Hazel and Brown to capture the essence of their stunning and luxurious Vancouver ensuite bathroom, featured on the pages of Western Living Magazine 2024 January print issue and now available in the digital at WL Magazine website.

The Scene: Luxurious Vancouver Ensuite

A white bathroom with a large bathtub, two sinks, and a mirrored cabinet. The floor is made of white Arabesque Carrara marble tiles.
Jessica Davila - Vancouver Luxurious Ensuite

Stepping into this serene oasis was like entering a spa retreat. Light danced across the Arabesque Carrara marble floor tiles. The playful yet sophisticated wallpaper lining the water closet added a whim, while the giant, backlit pink quartzite panel overlooking the bathtub transmitted sophistication.

Photographing this bathroom wasn't just about documenting its beauty; it was about conveying the thoughtful design choices that transformed it into a haven of peace and comfort. I played with light and shadow to highlight the textural richness of the materials, from the smooth gleam of the quartzite to the intricate detailing of the wallpaper. Each click of the shutter was a chance to capture the meticulous balance between form and function that Hazel and Brown had masterfully achieved.

Wrapping Up

Seeing the final image published in Western Living, both in print and online, was incredibly rewarding. It's an honor to have played a role in showcasing this inspiring design to a broader audience. However, the proper validation comes from knowing that these photographs helped bring the vision of this serene space to life, offering homeowners everywhere a glimpse into the possibilities of bathroom design that prioritizes aesthetics and functionality.

If you're curious to explore your bathroom's full potential, please visit the Western Living article and be inspired by this stunning Vancouver ensuite. And if you're looking for an interior design photographer to capture the essence of your unique space, please don't hesitate to reach out.



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